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Why Nursing Is Considered International Standard

Nursing is a health-care specialty dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and communities in achieving, maintaining, or regaining optimum health and quality of life.

Nursing is being recognized as a specialty based on the following criteria; A well-defined body of knowledge A heavy emphasis on customer care. A technical group's recognized authority. A code of conduct

Nurses vary from other health-care professionals in terms of patient care, education, and breadth of practice. Nurses work in a variety of specialties and have varying degrees of prescribing authority. In most healthcare settings, nurses make up the majority of the workforce.

Nursing is an aspect of science and must be international standard, so what is studied in Ghana is actually what is studied in other countries.

After studying nursing in Ghana, you can practice in any part of the world provided you've gone through a registration process to practice in that country.

The culture of a society might have an influence in how care should be given at a particular society but it's not a big deal because norms of a society is considered when giving care.

You might not understand the language of that society ( country) but if there's the need to use a translator it will be done because as part of the training, nurses are taught how to use translators.

And that's the actual reason why nursing is considered international standard.

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