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Covid19 health update in Ghana

The arrival of covid19 which was a surprise to the world and people of Ghana.

Focus on wearing of the nose mask ,using of hand sanitizer,observing one meter distance in the midst of crowd and washing of the hands which is still in delima of the people.

The saying prevention is better than cure still exists that's why we need to adhere to all the safety protocols.

Cover the nose while coughing,sneezing,avoid spitting in public to stop the spread of covid19.Avoid hand shakes and hugging to save a life.

The total covid19 case in Ghana is 117,040.

World health organization has placed safety measures in control to curb the spread of the virus by vaccinating.

People who recovered from the deadly virus is 109,134 and they are active and save in the community avoid stigmatization to save lives.

People who contacted the virus and died during the process are of 1,001.

Stay home,stay safe to save a life.

By: Abigail Liko

Smart News Gists

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