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What does it mean to rest?

There may be times when you feel tired during the day. Your eyelids may get heavy. You may start yawning. Feeling tired is your body's way if telling you to rest a while. You may feel tired for many reasons. Your muscles may feel tired after your exercise. Maybe you have been working for a long time. Your whole body may be tired. Strong emotions can also make you tired. Sometimes you have too much to do or to think about. You nay start to worry and feel tense . the tension is called stress. Feeling too much stress can make you tired.

Rest can help your body and mind get back to normal. Everyone needs to rest for some time each day. Some kinds of activity can help people relax. Some of these activities can be done by one person, such as listening to music, reading, writing in a diary or thinking creatively. What can you do to relax?

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