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COVID-19: Lewis Hamilton's Confession Of Not Being Able to Beat the Disease Must Be Taken Seriously

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Lewis Hamilton beat Jordan Henderson and other British personalities to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

In 2020, Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher's record of seven formula 1 titles.

Across the time of his life on the road circuit, beating people has come extremely easy for him. Unfortunately, his fight and competition against Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) didn't go as easy as he thought it would.

In an article posted on Marca (a Sports Newspaper in Spain), Hamilton confessed losing up to 6 kilograms during his time in quarantine. He added that "of the 6, 4 kilograms lost was due to being infected with Covid".

Aside this, the disease also took a great toll on his mental and as well physical state.

When the disease first took hold of the world from Wuhan in Hubei (a Province in China), few of us thought that it would be easy to overcome it.

Unfortunately, it has not proven to be easy. This is because sports personalities who work out week in and week out and who are certified as extremely fit have had a hard time dealing with it.

This is the main reason why certain countries such as United Kingdom and South Africa are taken precautions in order to avoid a second wave of the disease.

COVID-19 seems to have been discarded which is evident when you go to town.

But it has weakened extremely fit people and can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Do you feel sports personalities shouldn't be affected by COVID-19? Do you feel they are too fit and strong, they should be able to withstand the threat of the disease.

Wear a mask and tell a friend and neighbor to do the same.

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Content created and supplied by: RaphaelZuhnden (via Opera News )

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