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Ghanaians cautioned against buying of expired nose masks due to its intense side effects

Corona Virus has been a great catastrophe all over the world. It has caused many destructions not only in Ghana. Due to this tremendous pandemic, the economy in any country has been somehow retarded in terms of development. As a result, people all over the world has been cautioned not to contract the virus by taking various safety protocols. One of these protocols is the putting on of nose or face masks. Indeed, this safety precaution is been accepted by all.

However, here in Ghana, people are making very good use of this safety measure. Nose masks are indeed used across the whole country. As a result, corona cases recorded throughout the country has massively reduced. Although Ghanaians misuse the nose mask without thinking of the consequences, they make sure they protect themselves quite well. News going around lately has proven that these nose masks, specifically the disposable ones are having expiry dates. It’s surprising though to know about this.

Health workers have confirmed the fact that nose masks do expire. It has been made clear that the nose mask can at most last for two years or less. Ghanaians who has been selling out these masks claim they have no idea about the expiry of the nose masks. Some do know alright. According to doctors, expired nose masks being sold out to Ghanaians have severe effects on the health of Ghanaians.

Dr. Dickson Tuffour of Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital said on Angel fm that, when nose masks expire, they show no signs of expiry but however, the medicinal content in it fades away. So therefore, when one puts on such a nose mask, it causes skin disorders such as rashes, minor swellings and itches on the person. Also, since the protection barrier gets broken, the virus can directly interact with the face. He therefore urged Ghanaians to check out nose masks’ expiry dates before they buy to avoid such side effects.

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