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World's most expensive water

Access to water is a human right. However once we have different natural waters our satisfaction will also vary through their tastes, presentation and their origins.

Water is very essential for man's survival. Without water, dehydration and severe headache at times. Water is basically available from our taps at home and around us. The question is how much are we willing to pay for water to quench our thirst?

The world's most expensive bottled water is the Aqua do Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani which sells for $60,000 per 750ml.

As this quenches your thirst, it probably will empty your pocket as well. The source of this water is believed to be from Fiji and France as well as the Icelandic glacier. It's 24 carat solid gold bottle was designed by Fernando Altamirano. The bottle's design resembles one of the numerous portraits of women painted by expressionist and sculptor Amedo Modigliani.

So when you are thirsty, and want to quench the thirst, you might probably consider drinking the most expensive water in a 24 carat gold bottle.

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Amedo Modigliani Aqua do Cristallo Tributo a Fernando Altamirano Fiji France


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