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Weight Lose

Best Natural remedy to get rid of loose weight and flat tummy

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another amazing article which talks about Flat tummy and loose weight

Loose your weight and flat your tummy within a month (face one)

Just get your natural detox smoothie


1 Cucumber

2 parsley stalks

15pieces of mint leave

½ginger( don't use it you have ulcer)

4 spoons of lemon juice

3piece of medium size chopped pineapple, add original honey instead if you have ulcer.


Dice your cucumber,ginger and parsley stalks into tiny pieces and blend together with the mint leaves, lemon,ice cubes and cold water. 

Morning and evening or morning only and if it's 2times daily take it after one or two days depending on your own body system react to it. insha Allahu.

NOTICE;  you Know our body system so are different so drink the medicine according to your body reaction to it until you achieve your goal.




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