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Covid-19, A Warning to Africa

Covid-19 is a disease which has caused a shake in strong nations. It was first discovered in the later part of 2019 in China. It was reported to be a deadly disease since most of the people who tested positive ended up dying. In 2020, there was a report of the disease showing up in other Asian countries.

The world health organization (WHO) later pronounced the disease as a global pandemic. In the first two months of 2020, Covid-19 was reported to be in Africa. Out of what looked like fear, African leadership began putting in measures to curb the spread of this deadly disease.

It was discovered that thousands of people were dying in European countries as a result of this deadly disease. Africa was not left out, but it seemed like the death cases recorded in Africa was not a match to that of the European countries, this came as a surprise to many since the Europeans had all the money and protective equipments to protect themselves rather than Africa that had to import these protective equipments from them.

Some medical professionals came to a conclusion that it was because of the weather in Africa and also our body system that prevented Covid-19 from spreading at a faster rate than expected but could not scientifically prove it. Let us assume its our body system that is preventing the disease from spreading at a faster rate, what if another pandemic hits or another wave of this pandemic is experienced that would also favour the body systems or weather of the Europeans and Africa would be hard hit, is there any measures our leaders have taken to curb that?

African leaders should be working on a way to let all students stay at home and study through virtual learning in cases emergencies, so if there is a pandemic, spreading it would not be easy. This is because schools are one of the places we cannot do without but they are also one of the places diseases can easily spread since students are always together.

I think this is the time African leaders are supposed to find ways to protect their countries in case of another deadly disease. Covid-19 has already taken too many innocent souls, let not seat for that to happen again. Covid-19 is a warning.

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