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No Drugs: 4 Effective Home Remedies For The Treatment of Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer is one of the deadliest and most painful diseases that is victimizing a lot of people in today's world. Many people argue that stomach ulcer is primarily caused by hunger, but that argument is wrong. Experts say that ulcers are caused by acid reactions in the stomach and this damages the lining of the digestive tract. What actually happens is that the lining of the "stomach" contents is eroded by the acidic digestive juices that the cells of the lining secrete. It's important to note that ulcer patients must stay away from certain things such as spicy foods, hunger strikes, citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, and alcohol.

In this article, we take a dive into some home remedies that can help reduce the painful effects of ulcers or heal it altogether.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is frequently used due to its excellent health benefits. For instance, it has an anti-bacterial properties that kill bacteria that causes 'ulcers'.


Eating 2-3 cloves of garlic on a daily basis is effective in easing the inflammation in the stomach.


Bananas contain an anti-bacterial substance that help slow down the growth of ulcer in the "stomach ". So regular eating bananas after meals is beneficial.

Cabbage Juice

Research has shown that cabbage juice is essential in the treatment of ulcer. Consuming cabbage juice before bedtime will help strengthen the stomach lining and heal 'ulcer' in the long run.


Honey has natural healing properties that work wonders for treating stomach ulcers. Taking a teaspoon of honey before or after breakfast will help reduce stomach inflammation and keep away other stomach diseases.

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