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What Ghanaians need to know about Covid 19

The first day in the month of march this year saw the start of Ghana's nationwide vaccination program against covid-19. By the close of this same month about 500,000 people had taken their first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Ghana took delivery of another 350,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from DRC (The Democratic Republic of Congo)in April since the latter realized it would not be able to deploy all of its 1.7 million COVAX funded doses before their expiration in June.

On the 19th of May, administration of the second dose of AstraZeneca had began with over 13,600 participants. As at 20th of this month of August, 177, 600 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines taken delivery of within the same month had been administered to participants who were yet to receive any jab at all. As of June, 1% of the Ghanaian population has been fully vaccinated.

Although progress is being made in getting the masses vaccinated, it is not the same for sensitization efforts aimed at ensuring Ghanaians adhere to covid-19 protocols. There is somehow the notion that the vaccine guarantees 100 percent immunity. Data from a credible source, Vejthani Hospital(Bangkok, Thailand) suggests otherwise; that though different vaccines may vary in effectiveness, their efficacy shouldn't be compared because studies were made on different groups of people using different methods of research.

According to the data above, morderna vaccines are expected to provide a 94.1% immunity against covid-19(ie. for people who have received 2 doses) not 99.99% or 100%. Therefore it should be statistically evident to us that vaccination alone will not suffice in the fight against this contagious disease.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) in the United States more than 4100 people have been hospitalised or died with Covid-19 though they have been fully vaccinated. So far at least 750 fully vaccinated people have died after contracting covid-19. In a recent development in Liverpool, a mum of 3, 31 years of age died of covid few weeks leading to her second jab. Link provided below.

This presents a substantial empirical evidence the world at large needs to take a cue from.

Ghana is not ready to contain or very well manage an outbreak of the virus should it occur per our inadequate number of medical facilities particularly ICUs( Intensive Care Units) therefore government as well as all of us should take it upon ourselves to continually sensitize one another. The deficit in the efficacy of these vaccines can be augmented by our strict adherence to covid-19 protocols.

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