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Do Not Eat These Foods If You Are A Christian, It Is A Sin

Although Christianity does not define many things as forbidden, there are some things we Christians should not eat. For example Leviticus 7:23 states that eating fat from animals such as cattle and sheep is prohibited. While this is part of the Old Testament Code of Purity, it's often overlooked, but it's still a good idea to follow. Animal fats are very unhealthy. Here are some foods you should avoid as a Christian.

1. Bats

In Leviticus 11 there is a list of animals which were considered unclean and unclean. Some marine animals such as crustaceans should be banned, other land animals such as pigs. In Leviticus 11, it is important to list which birds the Israelites were not allowed to eat. And at the bottom of that list are bats. Although eating is forbidden according to the Bible, the health consequences are also good reasons not to eat bats.


Bats are excellent vectors, animals that transmit disease, and these diseases can develop themselves in bat flesh.

For example, people in Guam have developed a neurological condition known as Lytico-Bodig disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-Parkinson's dementia (ALS-PDC). This disease is scary as its big name. ALS, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's combined, ALS-PDC has been the leading killer of Chamorro people on Guam for more than a decade. There are so many viruses in your system that consuming them is dangerous for your health.


Levitt stated that humans can only eat a variety of insects, but not all "grasshoppers, cathodes, crickets or grasshoppers".

Many insects and arachnids contain toxins that are poisonous to humans. They are also excellent carriers of disease. While some might just think that eating creepy crawlers is uncomfortable.


Vultures, like bats, are not what most Christians think about eating. In the Bible they are big, associated with death, and often very ugly.

Vultures survive on rotten meat. This means they are completely covered by bacteria. Vultures themselves are mostly immune to the bacteria they eat, but not everyone who eats them. In fact, almost no one eats the dead vultures, including other vultures.


The Old Testament is full of rules against the consumption of blood. There are several spiritual reasons why the consumption of blood is prohibited. These can be foods that are best avoided for health reasons. Blood carries a lot of viruses and bacteria, so it is very unhealthy to consume.

Fish without fins or scales.

Although most Christians avoid eating this food, there are still some who eat and eat this food. Not only are they biblically wrong, but many are also unhealthy for the body.

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