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If You Have These 3 Types Of Pain, Don't ignore Them, They Can End Your Life

The truth is that these sad events do not happen in a single day, and we Africans ignore a lot of the signs our bodies are giving us, or use ourselves to tell ourselves that there is "fire on the mountain".

Have you ever wondered why a person collapses and suddenly dies? Or why do most people pass out or suddenly become very sick to the point of death?

Pain is one of the most powerful indicators of an abnormality in your body or internal system; people don't just feel pain for the good, there's a reason you feel pain. For example, if you have headaches (pain) it can mean different things.

There are many lives that have been closed due to ignorance or absurd attitudes towards their health. If you want to live long, you need to take your health seriously and respond to the signs your body is giving you appropriately and on time.

Here are the reasons why you may feel different pains in your body:

1. Dehydration

when your body's water content is very low, headaches are a way your body tells you to increase your water intake etc. No pain is just pain no matter where you feel it, especially if the pain comes on suddenly without any physical cause then you need to take it seriously by consulting a health specialist to access and diagnose the problem (s). (s) principal (s) or underlying at the origin.

2. An underlying disease such as malaria, typhoid, etc.

3. High blood pressure, which hurts part of our head

There are different kind of pains that are more serious and painful than others, i will explain these pains to you below:

1. Pain around your belly button moving to the right side of your stomach

this pain usually indicates the presence of appendicitis, but you cannot know from a simple physical exam, so you need a good health professional to control you.

Appendicitis is a fatal disease, which means that it can lead to death; indeed, appendicitis is a medical term for the inflammation of your appendix, which is a lymphoid organ containing several cells of the immune system and bacteria or microorganisms. So it is wrong to assume that all stomach pain is caused by worms. If pain consistently occurs around the right part of your stomach, you need to see a doctor urgently.

Many have died because their appendix broke in their body, many have been saved by being proactive in protecting their life. Select wisely, please.

2. Pain around the chest

Pain around your chest should be taken very seriously, as most of the time it is due to underlying issues with your heart.

The reason you feel such pain around your chest is due to reduced or insufficient blood flow to your heart, and as we know the heart is the powerhouse of the body, and the day your heart stops beating is the day you die. If you have a heart problem and suddenly start to feel sharp pain around your chest, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, as this could be a sign of an impending heart attack. So please don't ignore it.

3. Headache

As I mentioned before, headaches, including an imminent heart attack, can occur due to fewer severe cases such as stress or dehydration, and in more severe cases such as heart disease.

You do not want to put your life at risk, provided headaches are common for a long time, especially when they are regularly present.

To avoid uncertainty, you must see a doctor to tell you the exact diagnosis of the headache.

Do not ignore this warning....don't be selfish, like and share with your loved ones

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