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"Kayayo" In Nurse Uniform Causes Reaction Among Ghanaians

Just when we thought we had seen it all a new video circulates to put us to shame. A video of a young "Kayayo" was seen in nurse uniform.

The video has thus caused a massive reaction from Ghanaians on various social media platforms. The young girl who was going about her day trying to get luggage to carry to earn some money was being captured by a young man who decided to make her Internet famous due to the attire she had on.

The video showed the man raining praising on her, teasingly saying that not only does she help deliver luggage but also help deliver babies. He adds that the market ladies have nothing to worry about as she (the Kayayo girl) would help treat their ailments should they have one.

The young girl takes her time to pose for more video footage for the man and then continues about her business. She however reveals that she is constantly being taunted by the market ladies due to her dressing Style. However, in the video footage, the man recording is heard encouraging the Kaya you girl to keep on wearing the uniform as it makes her unique among the other porters.


Question of the day?

Although the young Kayayo girl may have the excuse of not having any clothes readily available, is it okay for her to be wearing the professional uniform of Nurses?

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