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How to cure gonorrhea permanently with nim leaves

So many people have been suffering in the hands of one of the sexual transmitted diseases gonorrhea for a long time. You have been going to hospital for medication and the sickness still recur.

Your problem is solved using this local tree leaves Nim leaves. Nim tree has been a medicinal tree which treats so many diseases including gonorrhea. Below is how to use this tree to solve your gonorrhea problem permanently.

First get the Nim tree leaves and wash it properly in clean water to remove all the dirts. Soak it in a silver or any cooking pan and then boil it until the leaves turn yellowish.

Sieve the water and allow it to cool. Drink a cup every morning before eating for one to two weeks. It will stop and will never recur again. Try this and share your testimony to others. The Nim leaves does not cure only gonorrhea but malaria and so many diseases.

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