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Simple herbal remedy for gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is one of the deadliest and dangerous sexually transmitted diseases. It is deadly and dangerous in the sense that when it is not treated or cured early it can render one sexually unproductive.

Over the years conventional medicine have been used as treatment for gonorrhea. But from the little information I have gathered these conventional medicines are not complete antidote to gonorrhea.

Conventional medicine only reduces the effect and pain of gonorrhea. It is unable to cure it completely. Beside, it is very expensive using conventional medicines as treatment for gonorrhea.

I have the good news for you. I have simple but effective and efficient natural directions to help cure your gonorrhea. And when you have the result you want give thanks God, the creator of everything.


1. Red kola

2. Nyanya leaves. (Nyanya is an Akan language. Sorry I could not get you the English name.)

3. Palm win


1. First pound the red collar into smaller pieces. That is, close to a core sand.

2. Then add the pounded red kola to the nyanya leaves in a bowl.

3. Add the palm wine to the red kola and the nyanya leaves.

4. Leave the mixture for 3 days.

After three day you got it made. The cure for gonorrhea has finally been made. Drink the medicine morning and evening and will encounter great miracle.

Thank you for your attention.

Content created and supplied by: ebensaah (via Opera News )

Gonorrhea Nyanya Red kola


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