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The Dangerous Effects Of Alcohol On Health

Alcohol is almost everywhere like water, that the alcohol brewery industry is a multi billion dollar industry. People drink alcohol for different reasons; some for fun and pleasure, some for peer pressure and show off, some do for no reason at all.

Alcohol remains the most widely used and abused drug worldwide, second to food and sex. It even becomes a wonder that when drugs are recommended for patients, they ask if the drug will not stop them from taking their usual alcohol.

The love for alcohol is so strong that when you have a party and alcohol is not shared, people will say your party is dull to the extent that you have guests coming to a party, use their personal money to buy alcohol where alcohol is not shared.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't understand why the craving is this crazy if I have not drank alcohol in the past before, but because if I have done that in the past, which I am not so proud of, I can boldly say that there is nothing in alcohol but destruction.

What many don't know is that, the amount of sugar added to your alcohol in the brewing industry is even much more than you have in soft drinks that you say its too sweet.

Alcohol use can expose you to many dangerous health hazards which can be avoided if you do not take alcohol.

First, as your liver filters alcohol, the liver cells die off and if this continues over time, a major scarring of the liver develops from Alcoholic fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis and finally to liver cirrhosis, which might end up requiring a liver transplant.

Now imagine your liver with its numerous functions being taken out of the equation in your body. You risk coming down with diabetes, hypertension, peptic ulcer disease, reduced immunity, infertility and erectile dysfunction and so many numerous deleterious effects.

I understand it might not be easy to suddenly stop drinking alcohol especially if you are an addict and dependent alcoholic, with the withdrawal syndrome associated with sudden stoppage of alcohol, but trust me if you are determined to stop, you will. Seek professional help from professionals if you want stop.

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