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Latest News: Ghana Health Service Announces That Covid-19 Jab Will Be Made Compulsory If Need Be.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has recently announced that the Covid-19 jab will be made compulsory to all Ghanaians if the need arises. There are about 30 million people within the length and breadth of Ghana. Many Ghanaians have ignored or are in doubt that the coronavirus is still in existence. This virus has claimed many lives ever since it found its way into the country. 

Authorities in charge of the health of Ghanaians have done their possible best to secure some of the covid-19 vaccines for its people. It was estimated that about 20 million Ghanaians should be vaccinated by December 2021. However, as of November 2021, only about 3 million Ghanaians have attended vaccination centres for their jab. This is a very sad and heartbreaking issue for the authorities in charge of health.

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According to the data above, about 17 million Ghanaians have not been vaccinated which leaves the country at risk. The Ghana Health Service has made the public aware that the covid-19 jab will be made compulsory if need be. Most Ghanaians have the habit of not putting on face masks when they step out of their front door. This is causing more harm to the general health status of the country.

The reasons behind most Ghanaians not wanting to visit the covid-19 vaccination centres for their jabs are unknown. Most Ghanaians might feel reluctant to take the covid-19 jab because of some piece of news they have read about the virus. The covid-19 vaccine helps protect you and that of your family and friends. Ghanaians are advised to visit the nearest covid-19 vaccination centres to take their jab.

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