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Checkout The Name Of The Space Between Two "Boobs" and Two "Bombom"

There are some things that exist in the world that one or most of us may think that does not have a name, but the truth is they really have one. Everything that exists in this world has a name unless we do not ask or read wide we will never get to know.

Today in this article we will look at the name of the space or line between two "boobs" and that between two "bombom". This question has trended on social media after a girl asked this on her wall. Many have responded to her with diverse answers but the actual name is what this article is going to reveal to you. Most people don't know the name of these.

A girl with Twitter username Sophia tweeted this question earlier and it was answered by Dr. Penking. See the response below.

What the doctor said was actually to correct answer to her question. The name of the space between two boobs is called intermammary sulcus. And that of the one between two "bombom" is called the intergluteal cleft. That is the name for these two.

Thank you for reading.

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