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Why are my hands always cold? Scientific Reason.

Since I was a teenager, many people of mine- family, friends, guests and teachers were and still are always intrigued by the temperature of my hands when they greet me or when I touch them. This is because my hands were very cold most of the time. Little did they know that my feet were cold at those times as well. Some called me a special creature others connected it to special anointing. Well irrespective of what they thought, I want you to know that it is a medical condition. Shocked? No problem I was also when I found out. It is a disease called Raynaud's syndrome/phenomenon.

Raynaud's phenomenon is when the body has an over reaction to cold temperature. The body always needs warmth and as such preserves it for you to survive. So in situations where one is exposed to cold temperatures for long (e.g sitting in air conditioned places for long), holding cold items for an extended period of time, what happens is that the body constricts and redirects blood from the fingers and feet to the inner organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver for enough warmth to carry out their functions efficiently.

Not only is it as a result of cold temperatures. It can also be caused by emotional stress. I remember I used to get really cold hands and feet when I became very nervous for an occasion or an interview.

But wait before you make more assumptions about Raynaud's syndrome, you must know that it comes in two forms- Primary and Secondary

The primary normally just has no serious effects. It occurs in both sexes but researchers have found that it occurs more in females than in males. The primary normally occurs mostly because of emotional stress. I would say in my case i had primary Raynaud's phenomenon. But the secondary Raynaud's phenomenon is a serious disease which occurs as a result of an underlying disease (that is an already existing disease of the connective tissue like Scleroderma, Lupus among others. Other conditions that can cause secondary Raynaud’s include carpal tunnel syndrome. This disease affects nerves in the wrists. Certain diseases of the arteries can also cause narrowing of the blood vessels in the arms and legs hence decreasing blood flow and resulting in cold hands and feet.

You don’t need to have a disease to get secondary Raynaud’s. Certain blood pressure, migraine, cancer medications, birth control pills, and over-the-counter cold medications, can all be the culprit. And people who work with tools that vibrate, example a drill machine ,are at further risk for developing this disorder.

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