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10 Natural Remedies to Relieve Dry Eyes.

Dry eyes is an ocular condition that can happen when the tiny glands in and around your eyelids don't make enough tears to keep your eyes moist and vision clear. Symptoms include dry eyes, light sensitivity, irritated eyes, blurred vision, watery eyes and redness. The human eyes is an improtant part of the human body and we must care for it all the time.

Below are10 natural remedies to relieve dry eyes.

1) Olive Oil.

The disciples of Jesus went about healing the sick with the annointing oil(Mark 6 12-13). God wants to heal us of every sickness and disease. Put olive oil on your finger tips or clean cotton and gently rub over your eye area. Now ask the Lord to take away the dryness and God will be pleased to help you. God should never be the last resort but the first when we are looking for healing.

2) Better Sleep.

When we sleep we give our eyes an extended time to rest thus revitilizing our eyes.

3) Massage

Gently and skillfully press your hands upon your eye region without inflicting pain on your eyes. This improves blood flow and relaxes the muscles of the eyes.

4) Humidify the air.

A dry room can cause dry eyes. Using a humidifier can help increase the moisture content of the air in your room and reduce the risk of having the condition.

5) Wash your face.

Rinse your face with water at least once a day to wash of dirt from your eye brows and eye lashes which can find their way into your eyes.

6) Digital Eye Strain.

Limit screen time. Human's blink on average 12 times per minute but when we watch the screen for a long time, we might blink 5 times every minute which is not safe for the eyes. Give your eyes a good amount of rest from digital brightness.

7) Use air cleaner.

Make use of an air filter that cleans dust and other particles from your room's atmosphere.

8) Eat oily fish.

Omega 3 oil found in tuna, sardines and mackerel can improve tear quality.

9) Drink enough for water.

A tear is made up of 2% oils, 98% water and 1500 proteins so if you are not drinking a lot of water you drying your tear production which helps in lubricating your eyes to protect them from dryness.

10) Eye glasses.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultravoilet rays, dust, wind and other environmental irritants that can negatively affect eye health.

God bless you.

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Thank you.

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