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Covid 19 Increases The Risk of Stroke, Dementia, Depression

A patient who has been officially diagnosed with covid 19 is more likely to develop dementia, depression, psychosis, and stroke.

Researchers have found that a third of those with a previous covid 19 infection went on to develop or have a relapse of a psychological condition. Those admitted to hospital or intensive care had an even higher risk as a result of the effects of stress and the virus having a direct impact on the brain

Scientist in the United Kingdom studied the medical reports of more than a half-million patients in the US, and their chances of developing one of 14 common psychological or neurological condition including

·       brain hemorrhage

·       stroke

·       Parkinson's

·       Guillain-Barré syndrome

·       dementia

·       psychosis

·       mood disorders

·       anxiety disorders

At the end of the studies, it was concluded that people who have been diagnosed with covid 19 are more likely to develop dementia, depression, psychosis, and stroke

Vaccines are currently being administered all over the world to protect people from contracting the coronavirus

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