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Any Ghanaian Who Fails To Take The Vaccine Should Be Sanctioned And Charged This Amount (Opinion)

The second wave of the global coronavirus pandemic has become one of the biggest global problems.

Ghana is no exception for countries that are badly affected by the deadly disease.

Since its inception in early March last year, it has caused so much fear and panic among Ghanaians and has affected the living conditions of most Ghanaians.

The pandemic has forced many leaders to take action to prevent more damage from occurring.

Without a doubt, President Akufo-Ado has been consistent in the fight against the virus as he speaks to his counterparts in Ghana about the nation's struggle and the need for security.

The national blockade was imposed early last year to reduce the effects of the virus, and also given that Ghana cannot afford the same effects of the virus in other countries.

Various restrictions on social gatherings have also been put in place, schools have been closed, and the use of disinfectants and social distancing has been encouraged.

Undoubtedly, the second wave of coronavirus has caused concern among many Ghanaians as more deaths and active cases are reported every day.

The bad news is that the availability of the new COVAX vaccine for treatment is good news for everyone.

As an expression of good conduct, President Akufo-Addo, together with his wife and Vice President, made the first efforts to calm the hopes of the Ghanaian people and suppress criticism of vaccines.

Other notable figures, including Assantein and Chefimam, suffered stab wounds.

However, it seems that most Ghanaians remain pessimistic about the safe use of vaccines.

Many still believe that the vaccine is unsafe to use and has even raised concerns about the type of vaccine the president is using.

With all due respect, I believe this is a bad reaction from some parts of Ghana who refuse to accept the vaccine to stop its spread in the country. In this case, the President must pass a law to impose sanctions and charge Ghanaians who do not receive the vaccine. I believe that a minimum fine of 3,000 seats and the imposition of other sanctions could encourage Ghanaians to take part in the exercise.

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