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One of the world's most medical Chinese herb

Today we live in a world where manufactured medicines and prescriptions prevail but do they have to be the only option for healing?

Even with all the engineering options at our fingerttips some people are still found going back to the traditional medicines which started it all .

As one of the oldest tree species, Gingko is also of the homeopathic trees and a key herb in Chinese traditional medicines. The leaves are used for making tablets, capsules and extracts and when dried can be used for tea.

It is perhaps best-known for it's ability to boost brain health . Studies have shown that Gingko can heal patients with mild to moderate dementia.

One interesting fact about the Gingko tree is that it is a living fossil of dating of about 270 million years. The tree can live up to 3000 years.

The Gingko tree is able to heal the following diseases.

1. Dementia.

2. Alzheimer's diseases.

3. Eye health.

4. Inflammation.

5.Bone healing.

6. Anxiety.

7. Depression.

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