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Can you believe the health minister do not know when a hospital under agenda 111 will be constructed

Its very sad to hear this coming from the health minister. Sometimes I ask myself why are Ghanaians going through all these after all the resources we have. We have gold, diamond, timber, cocoa, oil and other resources that can generate the country income to grow the economy of the country but the economy of the country keeps depreciating day in day out. No political party in this republic has help the country in any ways. Let's have time to read what the finance minister has to say about the commencement of a hospital under the agenda 111 initiatives. Share, like follow and comment for more updates.

Earlier in parliament today a question was pose to the health minister on when the Daffiama district hospital will commence. With this simple question, the minister went back to state when the sod cutting for the agenda 111 was done and talked about matters that doesn't accrue to the issue or the question asked. So one of the MPs stood up and asked him to make the date known because everyone know the sod cutting date.

According to the minister, he and the district chief executives have now selected a site for the construction of the hospital and also, a surveyor has gone to the site to make sure that everything is good on the land before work commences. Literally, the health minister noted that he don't know when construction will begin at the selected site.

Dear country men, do you think politicians have a vision for the country? The agenda 111 is expected to be finished in just 18 months as the president said in August while cutting the sod and now, the health minister doesn't know when a work on one of the hospitals will begin. How sure are we that the government can complete the agenda 111 in this accumulated 18 months?

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