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The reason why you should stop taking paracetamol and other pain killers for every pain you feel.

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling that tells you something is wrong within the body. All the pains that can be felt in the body can be classified as; chronic, thus persistent and long lasting, short-term pain (acute pain), acute-chronic, neuropathic and nociceptive (injury pain) among several others. It is therefore important to note that all these types of pain have different reasons for which they occur and hence must be treated in that same line.

More often than not, people take in pain killers for every pain they feel in the body. It is not the best practice as it can have devastating effects in some cases. This article is aimed at letting you know the effect of treating every pain with pain killer. Here are some of the reasons why keen attention must be paid to every pain before treatment;

1. Every pain killer has a type of pain it treats.

With the various types of pain listed above, it is worth taking note that each of them has specific drugs that can suppress them. For instance, paracetamol is most suitable for non nerve related pain, eg. headaches whiles codeine can be used to treat neuropathic pain. It is therefore important to seek medical advice before taking each of these drugs.

2. Taking any pain killer may result in wrong treatment.

Because pain is the body's mechanism of telling you what is wrong, taking pain killers at the time could result in untreated ailments. Headache for instance could be a symptom of a different disease, say malaria. Simply taking a pain killer for a headache when the actual disease is malaria could spell a serious disaster for you.

3. Addiction may set in.

If a particular pain killer gives you relief for a chronic pain, you are likely to take it each time the pain is felt. This can result in an addiction to the drug which will bring later consequences. Drugs like codeine are highly addictive because of how effective they are.

In a nutshell, it is important to seek medical advice before consuming a pain killer. You may never know which complications are likely to be associated with a condition you are going through.

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