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Here’s Why You Should Start Grounding

15 Ways to Stay Grounded in times of Stress - Earthy Vibes

The term "grounding," which also refers to "earthing," describes our electrical connection to the Earth. The benefits of keeping your body grounded are numerous.

Being in close physical contact with the earth itself is what grounds you. You can achieve this by using your hands or by walking barefoot; the choice is yours. The various strategies that can be used for grounding are numerous.

Even though most people find it absurd, being barefoot can have a significant negative influence on our health. You'll start to see results as soon as you start grounding yourself as frequently as possible. The following is a list of things that will occur once you finally decide to take matters into your own hands and try grounding.

1. You strengthen your immune system

Your immune system will perform better if you stay grounded. This has been the subject of a huge variety of investigations, all of which have produced comparable findings. 

2. Your body's inflammation begins to fade.

You can neutralize free radicals in your body and lessen inflammation thanks to the influx of free electrons that come through grounding or earthing. In actuality, this is one of the biggest advantages.

3. You get better sleep

If you have any sort of sleep problem, grounding may be quite helpful to you. It does so by lowering cortisol levels. According to studies, persons who feel anchored when they sleep have a much simpler time falling asleep and have higher sleep quality.

4. Your level of tension decreases

Stress is said to be reduced through grounding. In general, being in nature reduces stress. Take a good, long walk to relax and clear your thoughts if you're feeling stressed.

5. Your digestion may improve.

Dr. Gregory Melvin D.C. claims that after just a few nights of sleeping grounded, he has observed dramatic changes in patients with digestive system issues. He pointed out that infrared imaging may show this. With little effort, significant congestion can be cleared

6. Your blood flow will improve

A 2013 study indicated that grounding lowers blood viscosity and has significant positive effects on heart health. There is a ton of new research indicating that our bodies can benefit greatly from direct contact with the earth. Zeta potentials rise with grounding, and RBC aggressiveness falls.

7. You'll feel better.

Even just an hour of grounding will improve your mood. You'll experience greater happiness and less irritability. This is an excellent method for reducing anxiety and despair.

8. It will aid with weight loss.

A 10-week study was conducted by Intuition-Physician to determine the connection between earthing and weight. They discovered that those who took part raised their levels of physical activity and were able to normalize their appetite. In other words, this aided in their weight loss.

9. PMS symptoms will decrease

It is a fact that grounding helps with weariness, irritation, and headaches. Additionally, it can alleviate sadness and bloating. Because of this, it is excellent for all PMS symptoms.

10. The rate of tissue and wound repair/healing will increase

Depending on your injuries, yes, it can and will aid in your recovery. In fact, Jeff Spencer, M.A., D.C. advises earthing/grounding to nearly everyone he sees. Football players and even marathon runners fall within this category.

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