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Reason why doctors write bad when writing medical prescription for patients

Doctors have a key role in the society. For the past few years and with the outbreak of the deadly corona virus, people have been looking up to the doctors and medical experts for help.

Doctors do prescribe various medicines to patients after treatment. However the handwriting of these doctors seem to be unreadable. People often describe the handwriting of doctors as 'bad'.

These handwriting are very difficult to read by patients. This handwriting is not written by few doctors but almost all doctors.

However, there is a reason why they write bad to patients.

It is believed that a lot of patients visit the clinic and doctors must speed up their workings in order to attend to every patients. So they write very fast during the writing of the prescription note in order to attend to the next person. Writing clear delays time so it is best to write rough. They therefore tend to write in speed in order to attend to the next patients. Patients are advised to see any other medical experts to help them explain what the doctor has written.

Also aside this, most doctors do not want the patients to see the prescription given to them. So they write in a way no can read. Some of the medications written must only be known to the medical experts and not the patients. Also some illness which the patients may have must not be known by that patient at that particular time. Doctors therefore write bad to prevent early notice to patients.

Other doctors may also have a natural terrible handwriting. However, at the end of the day, the doctors or the medical experts do tell patients what they really need to to in order to get treated.

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