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Latest updates of Covid -19 in Ghana

Covid 19 has been a thorn in the flesh of our daily lives since its discovery in December 2019. And it has ever since become a part of our daily lives.

As we are battling to overcome this deadly virus, we are always advised by medical practioners and heads of states to take the covid 19 safety protocols very serious. That is the washing of hands, sanitizing frequently, observing the social distancing and staying at home when you nothing to do in town. To help us eliminate the virus from our midst because as it stands now there no cure for it rather than these covid 19 safety preventive measures and ensuring you get vaccinated when the vaccines get closer to your neighborhood or you can also walk to any medical center and get yourself vaccinated.

As it stands now, Ghana is still doing well. After the second wave of the covid 19 arose vaccines have now been distributed across the whole country. And Ghanaians are also complying with the vaccination exercise ongoing. This has made the total case counts or active cases recorded daily which rose passed 700 cases daily has now decreased drastically to the 100's daily.

Ghana's total cases as at 30 March 2021 stands at 90,552

New recorded cases: 53

Total deaths: 742

New deaths: 2

Recovered: 87,966

Active cases: 1,844

Critical: 41

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