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Preserve your virginity and stop pre-marital sex - Queen-mother cautions girls

Preserve your virginity and stop pre-marital sex - Queen-mother cautions girls

Nana Anima Ahwenepa, the Queen-Mother of Dwenase in the Tano North Municipality of the Ahafo Region has forewarned young ladies against early sex, encouraging them to save their virginity, to get God's kindness when they wed in future. 

She underlined wanton way of life presented young ladies to malicious spirits that went to cause conjugal issues and destroyed a few relationships. 

In a meeting with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) as an afterthought lines of a local area discussion, she coordinated for her kin at Dwenase close to Bomaa, Nana Ahwenepa, likewise the Executive Director of Naky Foundation, which attempts to improve the prosperity of weak individuals in the public arena said sex was just a protect for mates. 

She communicated lament that demonstrations of indecency among young ladies these days were stressing as well as a disrespect and contempt on womanhood. 

The Queen-mother exploited the current year's Valentine's Day festivity which fell on Sunday, February 14, to put together the gathering to sharpen the local area on adolescent pregnancy and Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). 

Nana Ahwenepa communicated worry about the flooding pattern of adolescent pregnancy nearby, which had demolished the fate of numerous young ladies. 

She demonstrated that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's Free Senior High School (FSHS) program had made a superior stage for each young lady kid to obtain quality training, and engaged guardians to likewise furnish their young ladies with essential necessities of life in order to support their premium in schools. 

Nana Ahwenepa noticed that the FSHS program stayed the best inheritance the public authority could pass on to the more youthful and unborn ages and reminded young ladies they would leave to lament on the off chance that they neglected to accept the open door to teach themselves. 

On the COVID-19, the Queen-mother told individuals the illness was genuine and encouraged them to disregard pointless hypotheses and secure themselves against the pandemic. 

She encouraged individuals to consent to every one of government's orders on the COVID-19 to help forestall its spread and cautioned that she would not endure anyone locally who neglected to wear a nose veil openly puts. 

Nana Ahwenepa encouraged educators nearby to likewise help understudies and students to wear their nose veils fittingly, and furthermore improve sterilization in the school climate.

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