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Here Are The 10 Diseases You Can Cure By Having Sex

Aside from being fun and bringing pleasure, sex also offers many health benefits. Find out the benefits of having sex regularly

Having sex twice a week releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A , which helps protect the body from infection and disease. 

1. Sex protects you from prostate cancer

Research suggests that frequent ejaculation (at least five times a week) in men reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer later in life.

2. Sex helps you stay in shape

There's nothing like having fun (and having fun) while exercising! Having sex is great for your heart rate. It also tones all the muscles in your body. It seems hard to believe, but by having sex you burn almost 200 calories in half an hour. So having sex 3 times a week will burn a total of 600 calories. And that's so much better than a diet!

3. Sex relieves headaches

During sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released during orgasm; it increases the level of endorphins that act as a natural painkiller. And the body can relax.

Many people find that their aches and pains (headaches, cramps, etc.) disappear or improve after sex.

4. Sex helps fight depression

Women who have regular orgasms are generally more relaxed, less depressed, and physically and emotionally more satisfied.

Sex also helps you fall asleep better and relieves nervous tension by producing serotonin in the brain - which controls mood and is also found in antidepressants.

5. Sex keeps you young

Sex is said to be one of the key components to looking about ten years younger! In his book Secrets of the Super young, Dr. David Weeks, a psychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, compiled the lifestyle habits of about 3,500 people, aged 18 to 102. The people surveyed had at least three sexual encounters per week and they all had the particularity of looking several years younger than their marital status indicated. These beneficial effects have been confirmed by numerous other studies.

6. Sex protects against incontinence

In women, regular sex promotes pelvic floor health and reduces the risk of age-related incontinence.

7. Sex heals the mind

Making love is one of life's pleasures. It is a pleasure that we offer ourselves, that we offer, that we share. Making love is a healthy need of the body and mind that fills us with energy, tenderness and life. It is a way to communicate with all our senses, our feelings. It is a meeting place, where creativity, healing and peace are intertwined.

8. Sex makes you happy

People who are sexually active are generally happier (which is great for the immune system) and less prone to depression.

9. Sex protects against insomnia

Lack of sleep has a negative impact on our daily lives. To fight insomnia, experts recommend, among other things, to stop drinking alcohol and caffeine, to watch less TV and to take a bath before going to bed. Making love can be added to this list of tips to sleep well. Men fall asleep almost instantly afterwards, and the toxins released during sex have a tranquilizing effect on women.

10. Sex protects against skin diseases

Regular sex releases a plethora of hormones into the body, called "happy hormones". And they contain testosterone. As we age, testosterone levels decrease. Therefore, a lot of sexual intercourse ensures a good level of testosterone in the body.

This hormone plays an important role in keeping bones and muscles healthy and skin looking young.


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