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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Grow Massive Beard

Beard is a religion of masculine energy and power. There is a gang around the world called "beard gang" and its impressive how people all around the world have formed their own form of beard gang. Men with beard can be envied by others since massive hair growth is hinged on a lot of careful daily grooming.

There are mistake we make as beard fans and these mistakes are the reasons why we haven't achieved a massive beard yet. I will try my best to elaborate some of the key points you should avoid to save your beard.

In the ancient days, men were allowed to grow their beard to the length they want and every level of growth showed how strong and holy they were.

Samson was strong because he was allowed to grow a massive facial hair as a covenant with his God.

Below are the keys you need to address and solve to become a Beard God.

1. Don't shave, trim

There is a myth that when you shave your hair, it will come back longer and faster and that's some big fat lie. Logically, imagine weeding an entire acre of land and expect it to grow faster than it was yesterday. It doesn't add up. Have a shape in mind from day one, and as it get longer, you trim the edges and allow it to grow.

2. Stick to one type of beard booster

Many people keep trying every new product they see in the market. They use one product for a week and expect a great increase in their beard and if the improvement isn't impressive, then they discard it and more to the next move. That's bad habit and it could be dreadful to your beard growth. Stick to one beard booster for at least 6 months.

3. Eat well

I can't stress on this enough, since it's the backbone of every healthy living. Fruits, vegetables, beets, and any hygienic food is very favorite meal. Don't joke with your diet.

4. Wash the beard area well.

When you are bathing, ease have time for your beard area. wash it with natural herbal soap with less chemicals and rinse it with water gently. Keeping the area clean and neat is a great way of growing more beard faster and better.

5. Stick a one Barber

Not just a barbershop, but a specific barber should be in charge of your facial hair. It might sound luxurious and expensive but it isn't. All you have to do is find an affordable reliable barber in your area and tell him how you want your beard to grow into. If he's good enough, every time you go to him, he will trim the edges well for you. Different barbers will always make a mistake for you.

6. Check Beard Growth Progress

If possible buy a mirror in which you will always monitor the performance of your beard boosters. Just like you need the mirror to cross check your dressing before you go out, check your beard as frequent as you check your dressing. It helps you figure out whether your current boosters are working, when next you need a trim and new growing edges.

7. Set a Beard Calender

A beard calender isn't necessarily a January to December calender with complex daily activities, no.

A beard calender is how long you haven't touched your beard. So let's say you have decided to not touch your beard for the next 6 month. The calender updates you on how long you have gone so far and how many days or months more to achieve your target. You can set it on your smart phone as a daily or weey reminder.

8. Exercise your body regularly

Just like eating well, exercise increases metabolism and hair growth is as a result of dead cells in your body. Exercising and growing a beard as a pair of activities that really go together.

9. Excess Trimming.

This is simple and straight advice, don't try your back line too much and don't trim your neck line too much. Check you cheek line too to know the level are. Over trimming makes the beard looks unrealistic.

10. Stop using too much hair products

There are a lot of hair product that may make your hair look shining, black and beautiful. Just remember the stage you're in before you try a lot of products. So hair products may hinder the grow. So even if you will use a hair product, make sure you know what you're applying on your beard.

11. Bonus: Use Moisturizers instead

If you want to go out with a glowing beard please use moisturizers instead of excessive hair products. They can even do the job better, cheaper and healthier.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you like it. Share for your friends to know the secrets of massive hair growth and comment your best beard practices.

By Anansi

Content created and supplied by: Gheducationnews (via Opera News )

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