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Blend Neem leaves and Lemon for 2 minutes, drink it to cure these diseases

Day in and day out, most of us have been entangled by the new era – the era of Technology. I can say that most people in this generation depends on about 90% in Technology. 

This technology era has affected not only socialization and economic life but also our health. The old ways of healing have faded but not all. 

Today we will have a look at how one of the powerful herbs in the world –the neem tree can be used locally to treat a variety of common health problems including malaria, diabetes, controlling heart problems, liver problems. 

How do you use neem tree?

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Neem tree is available across every corner of the earth. This particular medicinal herb can be used in a number of ways. Some people use it in a form of tea or juice, others use the extract while others apply it in a form of a gel.

In today’s article, we will look at how to make neem juice and the benefits that come with it.

Making Neem Juice

To make a neem juice, the process is very simple - Get some fresh dark green neem leaves and make sure to wash and clean them. Then blend one cup of neem leaves and with one cup of water to form a smooth mixture. 

After blending, strain the mixture with the help of a strainer and serve immediately. Due to the bitter taste, you may want to add some lemon juice to it to boost the flavour. Some people also prefer ginger juice but never add sugar to it.

The Benefits of Neem Juice

Neem water for control Diabetes | Chronicle Today Network

#1 The juice helps in controlling diabetes and so diabetic patients are recommended. It reduces your risk of diabetes by controlling your blood sugar.

#2 Neem juice has also been studied and reported to support weight loss.

#3 Neem juice has anti-bacterial effects which help to fight gum infections including foul smell, plaque and others.

#4 The juice itself is a detoxifying juice – thanks to the rich antioxidants content of the ingredient (neem leaves)

#5 People suffering from arthritis can take this juice to curb their problem. 

When to take Neem Juice.

In most India homes, Neem juice is best taken on an empty stomach to get it to work faster and effectively. It, therefore, recommended to take the juice a few hours before meals and also wait for a few hours after taking it before you eat.


Neem juice should not be consumed on a daily basis. At least ¼ cup a day will cause no harm. Whichever way, we recommend talking to your doctor before taking the juice as it has some side effect associated with some group of people.

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