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Some Of The Latest Inventions


the advancement in technology now especially in this 21st century has been very amazing to all individuals. we never believed it that technology will advance like this. communication and transportation has been an ease to the entire human generation as compared to the olden days.

Today I would be introducing you to two new technological advancement that is making life more easier.

First one is the Vein finder that is used in the hospital. My fellow Doctors and nurses in the hospitals will bare witness with me that when it comes to finding vein to aid in the administration of Intravenous Medications and infusions, it has not been easy at all. Most nurses end up pricking the patient in several attempt causing more pain to the patient who is already in pain. Do you know that there is a new invention in the market now using some form of ultraviolet light that is passed through the skin to produce a very visible vein for the finder. take a look.

I am very sure this would in the long run help both the patient and the nurse especially in urgent health delivery.

The second latest inversion is the AIRE mask that can convert human breath into electrical charge that can help in charging your phone. This is usually for people who like jogging. This device was invented by one Brazil inventor by the name: Joco Paulo Lammoglia

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