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Doctor Advice: Walk a few minutes barefooted around your house before taking your morning bath

Going barefoot will make you feel shy, so normally we spend much time in wearing of shoes, slippers, etc but many expects says walking barefoot for some minutes allow your feet to spread out more naturally and also forces the muscles and joints to work more. Dr. Paul Langer, podiatrist Twin Cities Orthopedics. Advice and says, the beneficial of walking barefooted is for keeping the feet strong, toes aligned and joints mobile and gain foot strength.

We move differently in shoes with cushioning than we do when barefoot or with minimal cushioning and support, he says. People tend to take longer strides, which affects how the limbs absorb impact in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and send and input signal from the feet to the brain. 

While Dr. Langer says walking around barefoot sends stronger messages to your brain and could result in improved balance and agility over time.

If you go barefoot long enough, this is what you gain from it.

1.Your feet will build up calluses for natural protection.

2. Exposed your feet to different textures to reinvigorate the nerves.

3. Help calm your heartbeat rate.

4. Provides support for your brains

5. Improve your blood circulation

6. Prevents you from getting stroke or heart attack and also a good exercise for those with stroke to gain their muscle back.

If you’re just starting out, you face risks such as instability and difficulty balancing. Since your feet are accustomed to the support and stability provided by cushioned shoes so If you want to start exercising barefoot, start small and you can do with your kids.

Walk around your house and your own yard barefoot to reteach your feet the sensations of walking on different surfaces. Tread carefully and watch for objects that might hurt your non-callused than you. Please help share across for friends and family to know about this pieces of information thank you.

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Paul Langer Twin Cities Orthopedics


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