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Meet The Real Life Bionic Girl; She Doesn't Feel Pain, Hunger & Even Fatigue.

We all feel pain when we're hurt or even something little scratch our bodies, but 11year Olivia Farnsworth doesn't. She doesn't feel hungry neither does she feel tired.

Born in the UK in 2009, little Olivia baffled medical practitioners when they discovered she has a strange chromosome condition that deleted the feelings of hunger, tiredness and even pain from her life. This condition is described as "chromosome 6 deletion".

She is the only person to be identified in the world with this condition. This condition helps her go 3 to 7days without sleep or food because she doesn't feel tired, the need to sleep or hungry. She can eat smoking hot food without even realising how hot it is though she can get burned and won't even realise it. Amazing huh?? She currently takes sleeping pills, which allow her to sleep for around six hours every night.dit

Farnsworth is entirely unable to feel pain. She once fell and bit through her lip, and didn't notice. The doctor who conducted a surgery on her didn't even use anesthesia. This was when doctors realised she had a rare condition known as the chromosome 6 deleted. The hospital staff called her 'Bionic girl' in other words 'iron girl'.

She also was in a car accident, where she was dragged on the ground for about 3metres while at a shopping centre with her mom Nikki Trepak which resulted in her getting up and asking "what's going on?" because she didn't panic at the time of the accident as feelings have been deleted from her system. It is not that she is indestructible, but she simply doesn't sense danger, She only got away with minor injuries.i

Olivia does not feel hungry, but yes, she does eat. She eats for pleasure, because she knows she has to, and because other people are eating. Olivia's inability to feel hunger has caused her to eat specific foods only for long periods of time.

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