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World Health Organization has issued frightening notice about the covid-19 and the ongoing Olympics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently sent some words of caution to the world regarding, the current dangers being posed by the Covid-19 pademdemic.

According to WHO, between now and the end of the ongoing Olympic Games, more than 100,000 people will die from COVID-19 disease worldwide.

This was revealed by the Director general of the World Health Organization-Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Tokyo. 

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explained that; “More than four million people have died, and more continue to die. Already this year, the number of deaths is more than double last year’s total. He added that, “the pandemic is a test and the world is failing”.

He also warned that anyone who thinks the pandemic is over, because cases are under control in his or her country, is living in “a fool’s paradise”.

Dr. Ghebreyesus again explained that, it is a “horrifying injustice” that 75% of the vaccine shots delivered globally so far were in just 10 countries; and that, by the time the Olympic flame is extinguished on 8 August, more than 100,000 more people will perish.”

The World Health Organization has also urged governments around the world, to come together to reach a target of vaccinating 70% of people in every country by the middle of 2022.

Dr. Ghebreyesus further explained that, the world need the Games as a “celebration of hope”, which were delayed for a year because of the corona virus pandemic. He also told the International Olympic Committee (IOC), that it is his sincere hope that the games succeed; telling IOC members at the meeting: “The Olympics have the power to bring the world together, to inspire, to show what’s possible.

Despite the World Health Organization’s cautions about the dangers of covid-19 pandemic during the Olympics games, in Tokyo, it has given the go ahead in order to demonstrate to the world what can be achieved with the right plan and sufficient measures.

Do you think the world Health Organization did the right thing by allowing Olympic games to go on in the midst of covid?

Pease share your views in the comment box below.

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