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Skin Care

Hygienic tips for ladies during menstruation.

Menstrual hygiene is very important in our everyday lives and has to be taken into consideration. Here are some menstrual hygiene tips that are essential for every lady.

1. Bath regularly.

Although you may not wash your hair daily, it is important to shower each day during your period. Bathing regularly during menstrual cycle periods helps to keep the vagina hygienic and healthy for comfort.

2. Frequently change menstrual hygiene products

Whether one is using regular pads or tampons, changing them frequently is one of the most important aspects of menstrual hygiene. It is advised that pads must be changed after every 4-6 hours during day time when we are most active. Due to high activity levels during the day, the blood flow is higher hence this is the widely prescribed period. During the night, the blood flow is lower due to low activity levels hence it can be worn overnight. Similarly, tampons must also be changed every 4 hours to maintain menstrual hygiene. Prolonged usage can result in rashes and the culmination of harmful bacteria which can spread infection.

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