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Do you know that banana contain some essential nutrient which is good for the body find out

Fruits are essential components of a healthy diet due to their content of vitamins and minerals,fiber, and beneficial non-nutrient substances as bioactive compounds. The World Health Organization(WHO) recommend ingestion of at least 400 g (about five portions) of fruits and vegetables per day.

Low fruit consumption is one of the main risk factors for increased mortality also increases the risk ofchronic diseases and poor health quality. Therefore, the regular consumption of fruits can reduce the incidence of some diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, and some types of cancer.

Banana is one of the most cultivated tropical fruit in the world. Worldwide more than 1000 varieties of bananas are produced. The most commercialized is the Musa Cavendish (about 45% of global banana market), due to its high production per hectare and its less prone to damage from environmental changes. The other large variety group of banana is the plantain (that has upwards of 100 cultivars) .The banana varieties production corresponds to about 15% of the world’s total fresh fruit produced reaching about 110 million tons of bananas per year .

However, almost one-third of all bananas gathered is lost since the population mostly consume ripe bananas, and it is a climacteric fruit. Ripe bananas are prone to mechanical damage and are perishable during the maturation process, which makes their storage and transport difficult.Almost 20% of banana production is not commercialized due to size and appearance flaws, increasing their loss . Therefore, fruit processing emerged aiming to solve problems such as the weak infrastructure, inadequate transportation, and perishable nature of the production, therefore the grower sustains substantial losses. During the post-harvest glut, the loss is considerable, and often, some of the production must be allowed to rot .The optimization of banana processing has been studied to reduce the production of the waste (annual rejection is about 1/4 of the banana fruit) and to improve the bioavailability and utilization of nutrients available in this fruit, highlighting the use of green banana (GB) products.

The consumption of unriped banana products is booming due to their nutritional potential and physiological benefits to human health .

Bananas seem to be a good source of fibers, vitamins (Vit C, B6, provitamin A), minerals (potassium,phosphorus, magnesium, zinc), bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds, and resistant starch , potentially contributing to health benefits, classifying banana as functional food.

However, people do not usually consume the fresh green banana, mainly due to the typical hardness and its high astringency, caused by the presence of soluble phenolic compounds as tannins .

Therefore, studies have been using different banana derivate products such as flour and green banana biomass. Despite the growing worldwide demand for unripe banana products there is no review study regarding the potential health benefits of green banana and its derivatives. Therefore, this study aimed to compare the health benefits among different Bananas derivate products by a systematic review.

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