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Mental health

Mental Health Awareness

Statistics has shown that one of five chosen random one has issue with the mind.

10th October has been declared world mental day here are some few causes and prevention of your mental state

Mental health consist of our emotional, phycological and social well being. Your mental health also determines the way you think and act .

Here are some tips to look after your mental health.

1. Talk about your feeling,eat well and also and keep active

2. Take in more water.

3. Keep in touch

4. Take a break

5.ask for help

6. Do something you are good at often

These tips can help you you mental state stable.

Take in more salmon, chicken,whole grain, avocado, spinach, yogurt, nuts and olive oil

Causes of mental health include genetic, environmental factor, childhood trauma, drugs and alcohol

I urge each one reading to take good care of you mental health by following these tips

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