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Dangers associated to medications used to gain weight

The human body is made such a way that, it responds to every foreign activity that enters it either negatively or positively. It does not just relate to everything that goes in. This is why it is important to be cautious of whatsoever that is taken into the body.

Every medicine that is taken into the body undergoes what is called first pass effect. This means the medicine has to pass through the liver for detoxification to take place. Scientifically, first pass effect is a phenomenon of drug metabolism whereby the concentration of drug metabolism whereby the concentration of a drug that is taken orally is reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation for effect to take place.

To break it down, every medicine that is taken by mouth passes through this effect before it works. This activity is done or initiated by the liver. So this explains the important role of the liver so far as drug metabolism is concerned. No drug can by bypass the liver's excretion process before reaching the main organ targeting to effect changes.

Negative effects of gain weight medicines

1. Enlargement of the heart

The heart is an organ that do not grow in size after reaching the exact growth point. Every individual's heart work according to the body structure. When you take any medication to enlarge your body, you are thereby exerting pressure on the heart because it has do work extra hard to pump blood to reach the large tissue of the body. This can negatively affect the heart and the can be conditions like myocardial infarction, cardiac enlargement among others. This is why it is bad to engage in such act.

2. Drut induced liver injury / liver toxicity

Such medications contains substances that is detrimental to the liver. Because of first pass effect, the liver can be toxic because of the constant passage through the liver. When the liver is injured and care is not taken, it can fail and cause other problems to the body.

3. Kidney damage / Kidney stones

Almost all of the weight gain supplements contain creatine. Breakdown of creatine gives extra energy to be able to work out well. Such supplements are often used by the body builders. Taking such supplements has negative effect on the kidneys. Creatine has a long term negative effect on the kidneys. There can be kidney stones which can at the long run damage the kidneys permanently.

The body is a precious gift that needs not to be handle anyhow. Be cautious of whatever you take in to keep the body in good shape.

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