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'Eat more green foods to avoid blood loss' - Doctor advises hospital patients

'Eat more green foods to avoid blood loss' - Doctor advises hospital patients

Dr Williams Mensah, the medical supervisor in charge of the laboratory department at Hopes Hospital has thrown words of advice to patients over their negligence on medical issues and dependence on already made fast foods. The doctor speaking at a blood bank donation this morning, stressed the need for every human to have at least 8.0 blood level in his or her body, but most patients who come to the hospital are usually between 5.0 to 7.0 and those who are normally below the 6.0 are the ones with serious medical conditions. 

If you are going to survive any medical attack on your health, the first thing is to have a full or minimum blood level in your system. Humans without a healthy normal level of blood units within their circulatory system are patients who don't go home alive when they are rushed to the hospital.

Such persons die on the road to the hospital or lose their life when admitted because of their blood level. It takes seconds for loss of blood to kill you and takes minutes for blood to reach your heart for new drips, so it is always necessary for one to eat good and healthy foods so they have enough blood on them always.

Dr Williams Mensah was making these lectures when Adventist Believers Worship Centre church members went to the Hopes hospital this morning to donate their blood to the hospital bank. And it was at the programme the laboratory supervisor Dr Williams Mensah used to advise the patients at the hospital to eat green foods so they can get more blood from such foods.

Foods like ampesi and cocoyam leaves (kontomire) are rich foods that give daily blood when you eat them twice a week. The cocoyam leaves are rich in minerals which helps your metabolism and prevents you from blood loss, whiles the ampesi gives you iron to boast your blood strength.

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