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Hydronephrosis - Excess water in the kidney. All you need to know about causes and treatment

Hydronephrosis is defined as excess water or fluid in the kidney due to a back-flow of urine. Hydronephrosis is mostly or usually caused by blockage in the ureters (the tube that connects the kidneys to the urinary bladder. When such happens, after the kidneys manufacture or prepare urine, the urine do not get space to flow into the bladder. So in the case of that, the urine will pile up and retain in the kidneys causing swelling and pain.


1. Kidney stones

2. Enlarged prostate

3. Tumour

4. Blood clot

5. Infection to the urinary tract

Signs and symptoms

1. Pain in the side and back that may may radiate or travel to the lower abdomen and groin.

2. Oliguria ( Scanty urine or insufficient urine production)

3. Haematuria (Blood in urine)

When any of these signs are observed, it is better to seek medical advise as early as possible. If it continues without treatment, the kidneys will permanently shut down which will lead to many complications.


Doctor will prescribe pain medications to relieve pain. Antibiotics will also be given to treat infection. In severe cases the urine will be drained from the bladder of the kidneys. A procedure called nephrostomy will be performed. A device therapy known as urethral stent may also be done. If hydronephrosis is caused by severe kidneys stones that cannot be dissolved by medications, surgery will also be required to remove the kidney stones.

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