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If your baby swallows a coin don’t panic do this to get the coin out without any complications

Babies are very delicate being and hence require 100 percent attention and maximum care and protection since they are not matured enough to take care of themselves.

Parents too must ensure to keep close attention to their children at all times and also ensure to keep the babies environment free from small substances he or she is capable of swallowing which may cause choking.

It will be very difficult to understand babies so you must study their movements and facial expressions at all times in order to no something worries them, if a baby swallows a coin or a small object he or she constantly holds his or neck and spits out saliva profusely.

Most of them constantly yell out a cry while dipping their fingers into their throat trying to remove it so you must be alert.

Now to the main issue if your baby swallows a coin the first thing to do is to check the heartbeat of the baby and if it is abnormal then it is beyond home remedy and must be rushed to the hospital.

However if the baby is okay and the cook hadn’t gone far try giving him a few table spoons of vegetable oil to drink , this will cause him to either feel like vomiting or going to toilet and either ways he will get the coin out in the process.

You May also try to reach out through his mouth if the coin hasn’t gone that far you might be lucky to get hold of it and bring it out gently.

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