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Check Out The Greatest Benefits Of Eating Unripe Plantain.

These are 5 health benefits of eating unripe plantain.

1. It enriches the heart.

Unripe Plantain contains some amount of serotonin which dilates the arteries, improving blood flow and reducing homocysteine (a condition that causes coronary artery disease and stroke). It's richness in potassium makes it heart friendly by preventing heart attack and hypertension through the control of the heart rate and blood pressure in our body and cell.

2. It can prevent ulcer.

Various studies conducted have shown that unripe plantain contains phytochemical properties such as leucocyanidin which can prevent ulcer.

3. It makes a great meal for diabetics.

Unripe Plantain is very low in sugar compared to ripe or overripe plantain and this makes it a good choice for diabetic patients, especially when added with fiber and protein-rich food such as green vegetables, thus it makes a great choice for preventing diabetes.

4. It is a good source of vitamins.

It's source of vitamin A, B6 and C, helps with a better vision, better skin complexity, builds immunity against diseases and free radicals.

5. It helps with bowel movement.

It's richness in fibre makes it easier for the movement of bowel(feaces). In other words it prevents constipation.

Unripe Plantain also helps boost sexual performance, by increasing the libido, improving male fertility and sperm volume.

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Unripe Plantain


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