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Meet The Beautiful 16-Year-Old Girl Who Has No Intestines And Has never Tasted Food

Nowadays, the recent health reports has revealed the health complications that are so strange that you may even wonder in the first place if it's right or not because it makes people experience alot of health problems.

This is about a 16 year old girl who is not able to consume any food because her intestine which is supposed to serve as the engine for her body is missing.

This young girl is known by the name Salma and she's from Egypt, but because of her illness she was required to move to the United States. According to her parent, she was stucked in a vacuum valve as she was swimming at the age of five and it affected her intestines according to reports.

The health professionals stated that she required an intestinal transplant because her intestines had become so seriously spoiled and in the process she was taken to the nearest medical center.

The doctors said if the transplant was not completed, they can only guarantee her a period of two weeks to be alive. But as God would have it, she lived on a living aid machine for eight months as her parents was looking for her surgery fund, and she was able to complete the procedure successfully.

But sadly, the surgery wasn't a successful one, and since then, she has had five failed transplants and she's now looking forward to the next one after health professionals have found that she has had diseases that may have prevented effective transplants.

In the meantime she survives in a pipe which carries the nutrients she wants to the appropriate place in her body. The doctors said she needs over $30 million for the procedure to be carried out.

Unfortunately, she's still unable to eat because she has no intestines to break down her food, but she usually tastes her mother's meal whenever she needs food, but just that she will not be able to swallow it.

I pray to God to set her free from this strange disease...don't forget to send in your prayers and wish her well

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