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A 17-Year-Old Lady Pregnant With A Fish-Like Creature After Swimming In The Sea Several Times.

Kimberly Robles Besinal, a 17-year-old Filipina from a remote island in Albay, began feeling stomach pains.

Her stomach started to swell, and her relatives became furious, accusing her of having a secret boyfriend.

They pushed Kimberly to get an ultrasound, which revealed an ordinary creature in her stomach with fish-like eyes and a mouth.

She claims that the images, when combined with traditional Filipino mythology and the child's love of swimming in his underwear, caused her own circle of relatives to bizarrely accuse her of having intercourse with a fish.

Kimberly is now looking for a way to raise money for the surgery to remove the large cyst surgically.

"I'm having trouble breathing, and my chest feels tight." "I feel as if someone is choking me," she said.

"My family thought I became pregnant, but I didn't have a boyfriend at the time."

They assumed I became pregnant by the use of a mythical creature because I used to enjoy swimming in the ocean without underwear."

Amanda Robles, Kimberley's cousin, claimed that Kimberley enjoys swimming in the sea near her home.

"I usually scold her for doing that, particularly on her menstruation day," Amanda said, "but she is so difficult-headed."

"The test looks like a fish, but it's not," said Dr. Massachusette Fernandez, Kimberly's obstetrician-gynecologist. She is suffering from an ovarian cyst. It's impossible for a fish to live within her ovaries."

Locals on the small island of Manet in the Bacacay region believe that girls should stay out of the sea for up to 5 days after their monthly period.

The common perception stems from a traditional Filipino belief that if a woman of her length swims in the sea without underwear, organisms will enter her vagina, causing her to become pregnant with a legendary creature.

Despite the scientific evidence, Kimberley's grandmother and cousin believe the rise in her stomach is the result of a mythical fish from local Gumaliw folklore, she claims.

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