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Mental disorder is not spiritual, don’t take patients to prayer camps - Addiction professional

CEO of Willing Way Foundation Ghana, Lydia Abena Manu, has stated that mental disorder is not spiritual, and persons with mental illnesses must receive medical treatment and not prayers. 

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Mrs Manu explained that mental disorder is no different from illnesses. However, society has attached a stigma to mental disorders, and it affects the recovery process of persons living with mental illnesses.

“I want people to understand that mental disorder is a medical condition, and it is not spiritual. If it were spiritual, nurses would not be able to stabilize the patients.

Secondly, people don’t suffer mental disorders because of some sins they committed. It is no different from diabetes, hypertension, etc., but when it is mental, they are stigmatized. A diabetic patient has been on insulin for 30 years, but we take persons with mental illness to prayer camps.

Mrs Manu further mentioned that mental illness is not a respecter of persons. She indicated that it could affect anybody regardless of their living conditions, education, wealth etc. 

Madam Manu also enlightened viewers on the causes of mental disorders. According to her, there are genetic, environmental, and psychological factors that could affect a person’s mental health.

“We need to pay attention to these signs and symptoms. With the environmental factors, it could be stressful, especially now. Prices of products have gone up, rent has increased, even bride price is up. These put a lot of stress on people, and it could lead to a mental disorder,” she added. 

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