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Check Out The Health Benefits Of Unripe Plantain Which You Don't Know.

plantain is rich in Inulin, alkaloids and noradrenaline it is also beauty to be hold, the trunk are soft and contains fluid.

The green leaf of plantain is very useful for treating of diseases such as diabetes and many more.

Let's take a look at plantain leaf planted in the farm.

plantain is very useful in our economy due to that plantain has many health benefits.

Check out how to treat diabetes with unripe plantain.

Method or procedures;

Simply boil the fresh leaves of plantain in water and drink a glass twice daily.


Pregnant women should not take this preparation as it's capable of stimulating the uterus, thus promoting miscarriage.

Another health benefit of plantain leaves is that, the whitish fluid that shows when plantain leaf is cut is effectively for treating wounds, especially the fresh wound.

The juice of the plantain Stops the blood quickly.

The most medicinal part of plantain is the sap, the sap is present in every part of plant .

How to collect plantain sap.

Cut the trunk of plantain into pieces and pound the pieces in mortar then squeeze the juice.

The juice is a potent herbal juice that can be used for varieties of illnesses.

Plantain is very good when it comes to herbal aspects.

How to prepare plantain solution to cure internal pile, diabetes and many more;

Mix one battle of plantain the plantain juice with a half bottle of honey.

The above mixture is known as plantain solution which can be used to cure many diseases.

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Inulin Unripe Plantain


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