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If You Do Self Medication Then This Article Is For You See Why You Have To Stop It

Self Medication is the act of taking medicine or drugs that are not prescribed or recommended by a doctor or medical experts. In this part of the world, a lot of people practice self medication. They believe every fever, headaches or cold is as a result of malaria. So they go to a drug store and ask for malaria medicine.

This however is wrong. That fever, cold or headache could be something else. But because the person assumed already that it is malaria, the main sickness might lay low but still untreated. This can later lead to complications and even death.

In this article, we are looking at some dangers or rather disadvantages of self medication. It is advisable that you visit a hospital when you feel unwell. Or rather, go for a lab, general lab tests is equally vital, at least once a year.

So let's look at what harm self medication might cause an individual:

* Someone who practice self medication can become dependent on a particular drugs and this may lead to abuse. I know a person who can't do without paracetamol, just because he is always having headaches. He is becoming dependent on it and he doesn't know it yet.

*It can also cause the main sickness not to be discovered.

*This can lead to dangerous drug interaction. There are two or more drugs that don't go together. But you don't know that because you prescribed the drugs for yourself and not an expert that knows better.

*Self medication can worsen the condition or sickness an individual is trying to self medicate.

*There might be an adverse reaction. During a lab test, it is discovered what drugs your body are resistant to, or the ones your body cannot take.

*Incorrect self diagnosis.

*Self medication can delay an individual from seeking appropriate medical treatment.

That is it for the side effect, disadvantages and dangers of self medication. Please stop assuming and visit a health care center when you are sick. Please kindly share this information to save a life.

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