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Embarrassing Moment As Police Is Captured On Camera Smoking Shisha.

An embarrassing and questionable video going fast viral online, reveals a middle-aged Nigerian male police, puffing heavily on shisha, in an unknown location.

In the footage, the police officer was seen relaxed, supplementing the Shisha with a drink believed to be alcoholic.

The scene was captured by an eyewitness who couldn't hold his laughter while filming the action. Speaking at background was pidgin English that sounded;

" E nor even sabi smoke self, see as e dey so. E go kill imsef oo", which implies, "He's not good at smoking too, he'll kill himself".

Full identity of the police has not yet been made known, as the camera was quite in a distance from the scene.

Shisha is a single or multi-stemmed instrument, smoked for purpose of heating or vaporising. It usually contains tobacco, sometimes mixed with popular fruit flavours(apple, strawberry, mint etc.) or molasses sugar.

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